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Don’t Ignore the Tagline!

Taglines are a valuable marketing tool. In starting a new business or revamping existing business branding, a lot of effort is spent creating corporate identity and often the tagline is ignored, to the detriment of the brand.

The tagline, aka the strapline or slogan is an important element of an organisation’s branding and deserves serious attention to get it right. When it’s done properly it will verbally communicate your organisation’s personality. It will tell your audience what to expect from you and what your story is in just a few words.

Some of the best taglines in the world are the shortest, for example Subway’s “Eat Fresh”. So short and yet so powerful in differentiating its brand from other fast food outlets. The tagline creates a perception that Subway is a fresher and therefore healthier choice. It adds a voice to the Subway name.

The key to creating an effective tagline is in focusing on the benefits to your customer. Make them want to buy into your brand. By investing they themselves say to the world they endorse what you stand for. Consider Harley-Davidson’s tagline “Screw it. Let’s ride”. Two calls to action that when combined reflect an attitude that could well be satisfied by owning a serious road bike. A Harley owner not only buys a product, he/she buys a brand and a means of self-expression. Powerful stuff made possible by a very smart tagline.

Nike’s “Just do it” tagline is one of the most well known and most effective. It’s been around for a long time and still continues to provide Nike with a powerful message about its brand. A customer will see the company logo, read the tagline and deduce that Nike is for personal achievement, setting goals, taking action, the power of positive thought and so on. If the customer personally identifies with or wants to be seen as a goal-setting, glass-half-full type then Nike is for them. “Just do it” reinforces that message.

The new Queensland Tafe College branding is currently using the tagline “Make great happen”, referring to the doers in our society. With such a positive statement Tafe is creating a stronger, can-do image that potential students will want to be a part of. Tafe suddenly looks fresh, modern and motivated.

Another benefit of the tagline is to enhance your trademark’s ability to ‘distinguish itself’ as a brand in the marketplace. Sounds like IP Australia jargon but the bottom line is that trademarks are a badge for business identity and products. That’s why they’re considered such valuable assets.


While many elements can contribute to designing a successful trademark, they’re considered as a whole by both your customers and IP Australia. So if you’re finding it difficult to get your brand registered as a trademark, a tagline can add just the right element of difference.

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