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Helping Start Ups

Starting up a new business can be daunting once you realise how much ‘setting up’ is involved before you start trading.

Its an oldy but a goody but seriously, the best thing you can do is write a list of everything that needs to be done then prioritise. Focus on each task and make sure you do it. Adjust your list as you go and stick to getting each task done. This will have you less stressed out and sleeping well at night.

Branding affects how staff and target markets will see and understand your business.

No matter what your business actually does, you’re going to have to develop stand-out, effective branding right from the start. At ReidCo Creative we see branding as the communication DNA for your business – an effective brand is the basis on which to design and develop all visual communication and creative requirements like advertising, stationary, website, packaging, store design, and print collateral. Getting branding right from the start will give your business a strong voice and a distinctive identity in the marketplace.

What’s a logo?

Logos come in a diversity of forms, which is what makes them so interesting – they can include symbols, stylized designs, words and taglines. Whatever its form, your logo will need to clearly distinguish your business from it’s competitors and communicate a unique message.

What’s a styleguide?

A styleguide (or style bible) is a brand user manual and dictates how the business visually represents itself in all communication. It helps brand reinforcement and keeps the brand message consistent at all levels of your business.

When ReidCo Creative are approached by a start up business to design their corporate identity and branding we first help them with a brand brief. This gives the client and the designer an understanding of the objectives.

Let ReidCo Creative help your new business get its branding established, right from the start.

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