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Serious Logo Design

The logo is your corporate identity and business representation. It’s a powerful symbol that communicates your brand to your audience.

Whether you are starting a new business or reviewing your existing branding and logo design, getting this aspect of your branding right is crucial to your future marketing. A well-designed logo is the cornerstone of your branding and a great asset to the business.

To get this right, use an experienced graphic designer. Just like you would use an architect to design your house or a lawyer to give you legal advice, designing a logo should be done by a professional.

This is a summary of how our design process works:

The Brief

Develop a job brief in collaboration with our client, identifying the nature and uniqueness of the business.


Brainstorming is the basis of inspirational concepts and creative ideas. Following the guidelines established in the job brief, we set about solving the design problem in a wild frenzy of creative energy. Along with the marketing guidelines established in the brief are also practical considerations of logo adaptability including size, mediums used in etc.

Client Presentation

When we’ve narrowed down the ideas that best fulfill all requirements, we present our best selection to the client, describing how and why we got to this stage. This is an opportunity to discuss and debate all personal and professional priorities with the decision team.

Client – Designer Reviews

After careful consideration and again, using the initial brief as a guide, the client may choose one of the ideas presented or may want to see certain ideas tweeked before further consideration. This stage could involve a bit of tooing and froing between designer and client until the logo design solution has been finally approved.

Brand Styleguide

One of the most powerful visual communication tools a business can have is a well-designed and produced styleguide, either for just the logo and corporate identity or larger to include information on how visual communication products that represent the business should look.

Styleguides help to standardise the business logo and/or brand, reinforcing the brand through consistency. At the very least a styleguide should be produced that lays down the law on logo, colour and typography usage. It should be supplied to all vested interests in the marketing of your business.

Job Completion

At this stage ReidCo Creative produces and supplies 2 final products:

  • • a library of logos in different file formats and for different uses, for example web and print, colour and black and white, reversed, .pdf, .png and so on.
  • • the Styleguide in all it’s glory!

Our brand review service is free to Gold Coast businesses. All we need is 15 minutes of your time.

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